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share»send»save is the secure, reliable way to socially distribute your approved content across the digital universe.

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What drives our product

Recent events in the pharmaceutical industry have heightened awareness of the need for control in what gets shared from health-related websites to social networks. We understand this need and continue to improve our product for better control.

Most social sharing tools use a website's standard, search-engine-centric metadata. But share»send»save knows how to share only pharma-friendly content, helping minimize regulatory risks.

share»send»save provides control

  • Keeps standard metadata intact.
  • Enables consistent sharing of only specified content and images across selected channels.
  • Offers enhanced tracking, analytics and customization options.
  • Sends secure e-mails that can include detailed safety information.

And share»send»save does all this without collecting personally-identifiable data or displaying third-party advertising.